[AI] Who'd like to answer my five interesting queries today?

palakodeti venkata satya vijay kumar vijay.palakodeti at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 05:23:52 EDT 2008

Dear members:

You can also upload a file to "Send Space" by following way.
1. Download "Send space Upload Wizard Tool" from the "Send Space"
website and install it in your P.C.
2. Now press the "application" button on the file which you want
upload to "Send Space" website. Then press down arrow until you find
the option "Upload to Send space" and press "enter" on it. The file
will be uploaded to the site.
3. It is better to register to "Send Space" website so that you can
retrieve the U.R.L. of the file that you have uploaded to "Send Space"
The above process will not only make the upload task very easy but
also will save your time.
Hope this information will be helpful to you.

With warm regards

"donate eyes and live twice"

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