[AI] Who'd like to answer my five interesting queries today?

balaram chess.balaram at asianetindia.com
Mon Jun 16 20:21:50 EDT 2008

1. How to use jaws cursor on a laptop
Press and hold down  Capslock and Press "P" and this will activate JAWS
2. Are jaws cursor and mouse pointer one and the same? Yes.
3. How do I mail large files to our list using sendspace.com? You Won't
be able to mail files using SendSpace. Instead, you can upload files to
sendspace and You will be given a link to retreave that file by an
E-mail by SendSpace
A mail will also be send to the one whose mail I.D you type in while you
upload a file.
Steps to upload files through sendspace.
1. Open your internet brouser and type sendspace.com on the adressbar.
2. After opening the page, pressing "f" will take you to this dialogue.
"Select file* (up to 300MB):" You can type in the exact file location
and path here. My suggestion will be to ignore this field.
3. With the pressing of the letter "B" you can locate the file brouse
4. Activate this and you will be presented with a dialogue box. Through
this dialogue box, you will be able to easily locate the file you wish
to upload.
5. After locating the file, activate the open button and you wil come
back to the sendspace page.
 If you wish, you can type in a few line for the recipiant of the file.
It is optional and You need not bother about it. If you still wish to
add a few lines to the recipiant, press "f" to find the description
field and type words of your choice by pressing enter to activate the
form field.
6. Assuming that, you have typed in a few lines for the recipiant, press
PC cursor to deactivate edit mode. Pressing the letter "f" will take you
to the recipiant e-mail adress edit field. Press enter to activate form
field again and type in the recipiant e-mail I.D. 
7. Tab once and you will find the edit field to type your E-mail I.D.
Type in your mail I.D. here.
8. Deactivate forms mode by activating the PC cursor. Tab to I have read
and agree to the terms of service  check box and activate it by pressing
the spacebar.
9. Tab once more and activate the upload button.
Tips. Don't close this window until the file is uploaded.
You can use JAWS cursor to know the status of uploading.
After the upload is complete, you will be given the link to retreave the
file through an E-mail by sendspace.
A mail will also be send to the one whose address you have given as
Hope this helps.
Happy sending.
On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 20:02 +0100, shakir syed wrote:
> Hi friends,
> I need answers for the following five questions:
> 1. How to use jaws cursor on a laptop?
> 2. Are jaws cursor and mouse pointer one and the same?
> 3. How do I mail large files to our list using sendspace.com?
> 4. What is shkipe? How do I use it?
> 5. Please teach me how to chat using messenger or g-talk.
> I'd appreciate if someone could teach me all these things.
> With warm regards,
> Shakir,
> Cell: 09347255325.
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