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Dear friends

Being a lecturer, I have to teach two subjects in this semister. I am
copying the syllabus of both the subjects under. If anyone can provide
me with the soft copies of these books, it will be of great help for
me. Your help or guidance in this regard will be highly appreciable
1. Marketing of financial services
   2. Corporate tax planning and management.

Persons not connected to these fields can ignore the mail from here.

UNIT - I	Introduction to Tax Management: Concept of tax planning:  Tax
avoidance and tax evasions; corporate taxation and dividend tax. Tax
planning for new business: Tax planning with reference to location,
nature and form of organisation of new business.

UNIT - II	Tax Planning and Financial Management Decisions:  Tax
planning relating to Capital structure decision, dividend policy,
inter-corporate dividends and bonus shares.

UNIT - III	Tax Planning and Managerial Decisions: Tax planning in
respect of own or lease, sale of assets used for scientific research,
make or buy decisions; Repair, replace, renewal or renovation, and
shutdown or continue decisions.

UNIT - IV 	Tax issues Relating to Amalgamation:  Tax Planning with
reference to amalgamation of companies.

UNIT - V	Special Tax Provisions:  Tax provisions relating to free
trade zones, infrastructure sector and backward areas; Tax incentives
for exporters.  Tax Payment: Tax deductions and collection at source;
Advance payment of tax.

Book prefered
Singahnia, Vinod K: Direct Tax Planning and Management, Taxmann
Publication, Delhi.


UNIT - I	Importance of Services Sector: Nature and types of services;
Difference between services and goods marketing; Services marketing
triangle.  Environment for Services Marketing: Macro and micro
environments; Understanding services customers – models of service
consumer behaviour; Customer expectations and perception; Service
quality and GAP model.

UNIT - II	Market Segmentation and Selection: Service market
segmentation; Targeting and positioning.  Services Marketing Mix:
Need for expanded marketing mix.  Planning for service offer: Pricing,
Promotion and distribution of services: Management of people, process
and physical evidence; Matching of demand for and supply of services.

UNIT - III 	 Service Marketing Applications: Marketing of financial,
services, International marketing of services and GATS.

UNIT - IV	Relationship Marketing:  Meaning, nature, and scope; Types
of relational exchanges; Reasons for relationship marketing – firm and
customer perspectives. Relationship Development Process: Attributes
and determinates of relational exchanges; Networking nature, role and

UNIT - V	Development and Managing Relationship: Customer selection;
Relationship strategies; Implementing CRM; Mistakes in implementing
CRM; Role of information technology in relationship building – e-CRM.
Book prefered
Zeithaml, V.A. and M.J Bitner: Services marketing, McGraw Hill, Inc, New York.
Though the names of prefered books are mentioned, book by any author
would be highly useful.
Thanks in anticipation
Vamshi. G
gvamshiai at gmail.com

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