[AI] Problem in opening g mail

prateek aggarwal prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 06:31:46 EDT 2008

as is your problem, that you are facing difficulty while surfing on g
mail,  I would like to tell that the problem you've mentioned is quite
a customary.
The security certificket is needed in order to open some webcites.
Because g mail has made it self very secured, some special type of
informations needed to be verified before opening  it
Please press yes button when this dialog box appear.  It might ask for
downloading the security certificket, press yes and download it.
 Hope you'll not find same problem after it.
Prateek agarwal.
Cell: +9 1 9 9 2 8 3 4 1 1 9 7
Prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
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