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hello my dear friend, your story is very interesting. it inspire to
new generation. all the best in your future also.
with best regards

On 6/9/08, Vasu <vasu at barrierbreak.com> wrote:
> Hi Saravana,
> Good to see your email. A warm welcome to AI family. I believe, your mail
> would certainly be of inspiration to younger kids and am sure that you
> would also gain benifit from this group.
> I do remember the time we spent together at NIVH Chennai while you were in
> the Stenography course.
> Best wishes,
> Srinivasu
>> Special Note:
>> Dear friends, this is a short description of my struggles for the past 30
>> years. But when compared with other great Visually-challenged achievers,
>> my
>> struggles are nothing. I hope that it will be helpful to the persons who
>> didn't realize their hidden skills and talents. If this document helps or
>> motivates someone means, I will be glad for sharing ; otherwise excuse me
>> for wasting your valuable time with this lengthy document. First I thank
>> my
>> parents, teachers, social workers and innumerable friends for helping me
>> to
>> reach this level. Please feel free to contact me with your comments,
>> suggestions and new ideas through below mentioned mobile or Email address.
>> I
>> am very pleased to receive them and ready to learn new things and improve
>> myself.
>> Brief description about myself:
>> I am Saravanan Ramadoss. I was born on 11 May 1978 in a low-middle class
>> family group. My father is a laberor, mother and a younger brother, all
>> are
>> sighted. Even I too had vision until nine years. Then due to (RD - retinal
>> detachment), due to unsuccessful operation from government hospital I lost
>> my eyesight slowly. My parents took me to various eye hospitals, but no
>> use.
>> At that time my parents didn't know about the special schools and other
>> facilities for the visually impaired. So I spent some years at home, but I
>> have strong faith in God. As a result of that faith, most of the time I
>> got
>> the maximum benefits beyond my level. Then my parents came to know about
>> (LFC - Little Flower Conment, Chennai. They took me there, I got admission
>> for fourth standard. I learned Braille, mobility and many things there. I
>> finnishe my primary education. After that, they guided me to St. Louis
>> Institute for the deaf and the blind, Chennai.
>> I spent almost 7 years in St. Louis institute starting from sixth to
>> twelfth
>> standard. I got little progress in my education. I was very good in maths,
>> remaining subjects Tamil, social science and science were also okay, but
>> very weak in English. In both the schools my medium of education was
>> Tamil.
>> So I really had to work very hard to improve my English. I didn't realize
>> the importance and show much interest in co-curricular activities like
>> Music, sports etc. When I reached ninth, I got some confidence in my
>> English
>> proficiency. It was then, I started learning chess and type writing. I
>> participated in Chess and GK quiz competitions in and around Chennai, and
>> won some prizes.
>> In both the schools, we got all the fecilities like Braille notes,
>> Audiocassettes with tape recorders, and readers during week ends within
>> the
>> campus. In my SSLC (1995), I got 85% with 98 out of 100 marks in maths,
>> also
>> school first. But I didn't expect that at all; really it was a miracle of
>> God. I thought that I have to do a different course considering my highest
>> mark in maths. But my parents didn't allow me to take such risk. They were
>> very protective. Our family income was meager and they didn't have proper
>> education to gide or shape my future.
>> I was the first person to reach SSLC level with the top class marks from
>> my
>> family. I had to take a good decision to shape my future. So I discussed
>> with my school teachers, they advised me to take (HEAP - history,
>> economics,
>> Advanced English and political science). I took that course with their
>> guidance and got 73% in HSLC (1997. During that summer vacation, for the
>> first time I got a chance to play Chess in southern Zone level at Shimoha.
>> I
>> was the only junior candidate in below 20 level, all my fellow players
>> were
>> in their 30s and 40s, also regular attenders of various competitions. in
>> that category, I got 7th place in that tornament without proper training.
>> After that I struggled a lot to reach my current position as an English
>> teacher in Government School, Chennai. I applied for B.a English lit in
>> top
>> 3 colleges in Chennai. I got seat in 2 colleges, but nnot in hostel. So my
>> parents forced me to do some special technical courses ment for the
>> visually
>> challenged. So I joined for stenno training at NIVH in Chennai. I dropped
>> my
>> previous plan of regular degree, but I joined BA English Literature in
>> correspondence in Madras university. When I was in NIVH, I got a chance to
>> represent the institute in National Level Chess competition at Pune. There
>> I
>> got 6/9 points without proper coaching. One side I finished stenno course
>> (1998) and searching a good job. On the other side I cleared first year
>> papers of B.a degree. In distant mode of education, I had to manage
>> everything (recording cassettes, arranging scribes and other things) on my
>> own.
>> As you are all aware, our life depends upon the scribes support. Sometimes
>> a
>> brilliant candidate scores less marks due to poor performance of the
>> scribe,
>> but on the other hand a weaker candidate gets top-class marks. All depends
>> upon the candidate's luck. In second year exams, I failed in 1 paper
>> because
>> of my bad luck. I tried again and cleared that paper in October 1999. This
>> bitter experience repeated even in my third year papers too, but I didn't
>> loose heart, tried again and finally cleared in April 2001.
>> It was at that point
>> of time, NIVH launched new training project (MT - medical transcription
>> for
>> VH) for only 6 outstanding candidates. Luckily I got place in that
>> training
>> and I put 200% effort to get better placement after training. There I
>> learned medical terms, drugs and basic computer skills. NIVH tried their
>> best to get placement in Chennai, they got only one. So they arranged
>> placement for the rest in Coimbatore of our interest.
>> There we received excellent support from the training staffs and
>> colleagues.
>> I really improved my listening comprehension, good typing speed and
>> proficiency in English. In that place for 2 years, my learning was
>> excellent, but the earning was less. When I was in Coimbatore, we all five
>> VH met our ex-president Mr. Abdhul Kalam and had a group photograph. This
>> was the only memorable event in Coimbatore. After spending valuable 2
>> years,
>> we didn't feel any growth in our project from the management side.
>> Especially no increament in our salary. So I left the job, and told them
>> about my future plan of doing B.ed. They agreed and releaved me
>> whole-heartedly.
>> When I came out of job, here B.ed admission was over. So I had to postpone
>> my wish for (B.ed) for 1 more year and tried to finish (M.a Lit through
>> correspondence, which I started in 2001. Due to MT-job's pressure and
>> strain, I couldn't complete it. After returning from Coimbatore, I came to
>> know about Karnavidhya ( a special library and reders forum) functioning
>> in
>> Adayar, Chennai. I spoke to Shyla madam and through her I got full support
>> for my recording of cassettes and arrangement of good scribes. In October
>> 2003, I wrote 5 papers of M.a and cleared 4. In December 2003, I came to
>> know about Ability-foundation and its new (I-T) related project with the
>> guaranty of job placement in I-T field. Then I spoke to Jayashri Madam
>> (the
>> founder of Ability-Foundation) joined there and updated my computer
>> skills.
>> During the same time, I also prepared for 6 papers of M.a lit and wrote in
>> April 2004. With the blessings of god, I completed both (training and
>> M.a).
>> simultaniously In that same year. I got B.ed with the help of entrance
>> test
>> marks. In the same year through Ability-Foundation, I met Actress Revathi
>> Madam and spoke about Mt and its future for VH in their weekly radio
>> program
>> (Thiramain Thisaiyl). In September, I also met Ex-governer Mr Ram mohan
>> Rao
>> at Raj Bhavan to receive certificate for computer training and briefly
>> described about our computer Project in the auditorium. When my name was
>> selected for B.ed admission in Teacher's college, I got an offer of MT
>> placement in Bangalore through Enable-India. So again I was in confusion,
>> whether to choose B.ed or job? I consulted Mr A.K. Mithel Sir (RD of NIVH)
>> He advised me to choose B.ed. So I postponed that MT job and joined B.ed.
>> In that Bed college, I was the only person to join English regular Bed
>> from
>> correspondence background. I completed (Bed) easily with the full support
>> from lecturers and friends. After Bed, I spoke over phone to Shanthi Madam
>> (Founder of Enable-India), she promised me for a sure placement of an MT
>> in
>> Bangalore if I am interested.
>> After my Bed, I decided to go for an MT job, till I get teacher post from
>> the government. But things were not going smoothly in Bangalore, I had to
>> spend more than 10-11 hours in the office to compete with my other sighted
>> colleagues. After reaching room, I had to prepare for my (TRB exam for
>> teacher post in Tamil nadu. No doubt, the MT career is really challenging
>> job for visually-impaired. If our talents and potentialities are properly
>> recognized by our companies, we can shine in this field. Otherwise it's a
>> vain effort. Unluckily I got placement in those companies where I had
>> struggled for my basic needs.
>> With the blessings of god, I scored good marks in TRB exam and within a
>> year
>> got placement as a teacher for High-school also near Chennai. Finally, I
>> left my MT job in May 2006 and started this new teaching career. To
>> improve
>> and widen my English knowledge, I joined M.phil in English through
>> correspondence in Annamalai University 2006.
>> Though the teaching job does not require my technical and other skills, I
>> am
>> doing this job as a true service with full satisfaction. I thank god for
>> giving me an opportunity to help the economically weaker sections to
>> improve
>> their confidence level, English knowledge and other skills. With his
>> blessings I have just now finished M.phil in May 2008.
>> When I was in school, I was very reserve and shy by nature. But when I
>> came
>> out I slowly transformed myself and communicating even with strange
>> people.
>> I am always ready to learn new things from all and share my knowledge with
>> friends, colleagues, students and new persons. At the same time, I am more
>> time conscious; sometimes because of this I am forced to face some tough
>> situations from all sides. My hobby is to play chess, rread books, listen
>> music and to make new friends.
>> Please feel ffree to call me or email with suggestions, new ideas and
>> feedbacks; surely through your comments I will be more helpful and useful
>> for the society.
>> If you have any interesting/informative tips or articles, please
>> send/forward to:
>> Email: saravanan.ramadoss1 at gmail.com / saravanan_2008 at hotmail.com
>> Phone no 044-26254318
>> MOBILE : 09840228250.
>> Skipe: speak-sarav
>> Waiting for your replies and comments.
>> Thanks with regards
>> Bye
>> Saravanan.R
>> English teacher.
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