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what is this why has this mail come here ?

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>A friend returned from Eastern (Communist) Europe narrated the following 
>story during the rounds in these countries. One morning a school girl came 
>to her teacher and said very proudly: "Our cat has had a litter of six 
>kittens and they are all Communists." The teacher was impressed with the 
>child and invited the Inspector to visit the school and see for himself how 
>well-doctrinated her students were. A week later the inspector arrived. 
>"Tell the gentleman about your cat,'' the teacher asked her student.
> "She has had kittens and they are all democrats", said the girl.
> "What!",exclaimed the teacher aghast and let down, "last week you told me 
> they were all Communists. What makes you say now they are democrats?"
> "Since then their eyes have opened," replied the student.
> A wealthy Maheshwari, the richest of the Marwari community, was 
> complaining about his wife's spendthrift habits to a friend. "One day she 
> asked me for ten rupees, the next day she asked me for twenty and this 
> morning she wanted twenty-five. She is the limit."
> "She certainly is," agreed the friend. "What did she do with all that 
> money?"
> "Main kya jaanoon'' (how should I know), replied the wealthy man. "I never 
> gave her any.''
> An inspector of schools went to a government aided school and put the 
> following question to students of sixth class: " "You have read the 
> Ramayana. Tell me who broke the Shiva'sdhanush? Only one boy raised his 
> hand : ""Sir, I do not know who broke it but it was not me."
> The inspector turned to the teacher and reprimanded him for not having 
> done his job. The teacher replied: "Sir, the boy is very naughty. I am 
> sure it was he who broke it, but will not admit it."
> The inspector went to the headmaster and narrated the whole story. After 
> hearing him the headmaster said: "Why make a fuss about such a petty 
> thing. Whatever is broken is broken for ever. While paying us the grant 
> you may deduct the price of a new dhanush and pay the balance."
> Ashik Hirani
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