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A friend returned from Eastern (Communist) Europe narrated the following story during the rounds in these countries. One morning a school girl came to her teacher and said very proudly: "Our cat has had a litter of six kittens and they are all Communists." The teacher was impressed with the child and invited the Inspector to visit the school and see for himself how well-doctrinated her students were. A week later the inspector arrived. "Tell the gentleman about your cat,'' the teacher asked her student.

"She has had kittens and they are all democrats", said the girl.

"What!",exclaimed the teacher aghast and let down, "last week you told me they were all Communists. What makes you say now they are democrats?"

"Since then their eyes have opened," replied the student.

A wealthy Maheshwari, the richest of the Marwari community, was complaining about his wife's spendthrift habits to a friend. "One day she asked me for ten rupees, the next day she asked me for twenty and this morning she wanted twenty-five. She is the limit."

"She certainly is," agreed the friend. "What did she do with all that money?"

"Main kya jaanoon'' (how should I know), replied the wealthy man. "I never gave her any.''

An inspector of schools went to a government aided school and put the following question to students of sixth class: " "You have read the Ramayana. Tell me who broke the Shiva'sdhanush? Only one boy raised his hand : ""Sir, I do not know who broke it but it was not me."

The inspector turned to the teacher and reprimanded him for not having done his job. The teacher replied: "Sir, the boy is very naughty. I am sure it was he who broke it, but will not admit it."

The inspector went to the headmaster and narrated the whole story. After hearing him the headmaster said: "Why make a fuss about such a petty thing. Whatever is broken is broken for ever. While paying us the grant you may deduct the price of a new dhanush and pay the balance."

Ashik Hirani

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