[AI] Utility to improve usability of Skype

Harish Kotian harish at accessindia.org.in
Sun Jun 8 12:30:06 EDT 2008

Hello all

Our member has given this tool which enhances the usability of Skype. It can coexist with Jaws script. The url to download is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nni1bo

It will be available only for a week.

Copy the file skread.exe and its associated .ini file to a different folder. Run skreade.exe

Follow its instruction as given in the readme.html file. There is one bit of information which is not given in the docs. The steps for which are under. This is to be done under Skype menu:

1 Alt +t for tools
2 a for advanced
3 M for managed blocked users
4 advanced setting select the 17th item
5 manage other API controls
6 change button
7 select skread.exe
8 Select the radio button allow skype to use this programm
9 click save button


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