[AI] Coming soon, Bamboo PC?

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Coming soon, Bamboo PC? 

Anand Parthasarathy 

Austin, Texas: Small is beautiful, they said in another age. Eco-friendly is even better these energy-crunch days - it is a mantra seemingly inspiring the
world's leading personal computer makers. One of the biggest sellers - Dell - is aggressively pursuing a 'green' agenda.

At its main design centre here, Dell engineers showed me an advanced prototype of an ultra small, extra light PC, which, of the size of a bedside clock-radio,
sits on the table and is encased in shiny, brown bamboo.

Why bamboo? It's light, flexible and strong, and can be given a great finish.

The new PC form, to be launched later this year, promises to cut the size of a conventional desktop tower by 80 per cent, and reduce power requirement by
some 70 per cent. 

Recycled materials will also be used in other, less visible parts.

The media have already named the new product, Bamboo PC.

Dell is not alone in seeing virtue in bamboo. Taiwan-based Asus has an Eco-Book, laptop encased in laminated bamboo. PlayEngine in the U.K., offers a bamboo-encased
LCD monitor.

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