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Putting the buzz into the bazaar 

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Buzzar.tv has attracted over 1,000 Indian brands 

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Behind the buzzar: The Chennai-based team at PixelKraft that has created the online video exhibition platform. 

Bangalore: That popular family outing -to an exhibition or trade fair - just went virtual. 

A Chennai-based media solutions team at PixelKraft has just created what is arguably the web's first online exhibition portal where Indian brands get to
display their wares using audio visual tools.

Six months ago, the same team launched Indibiz TV, a portal for television advertisement clips mainly of interest to professionals. 

One-stop cyber shop 

Now it has reached across to lay consumers by providing a one-stop cyber shop where they can search for information across multiple brand names and consumer
product categories or even services such as airlines and hotels. It is called Buzzar ( 

Harish Madhyastha, who heads the Buzzar team, told The Hindu on Saturday that over 1000 brands had already signed on to display at the portal.

Soon, viewers can expect to find full product catalogues, special offers, a store locator and useful downloads.

"We hope to give users a choice. Footfalls or eyeballs," he says.

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