[AI] your thoughts on braille (Sanjay)

prateek aggarwal prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 05:14:26 EDT 2008

Sabramani sir, thanks a lot for razing  these very valuable point
regarding braile.
No doubt, the accessive use of computers and mobile phones brought
braile onto the back foot.
There was a time, when it was nearly impossible to step twards success
without braile, but time changed gradually. Today, there are many
examples where visually impaired persons achieved great success even
without knowing braile.
But, I strongly believe that every visually impaird person should
learn braile. Reason is that braile is only and only language which is
our very own.
Of course, need of study much, and keep updating yourself is only
possible with technology.
Because braile books takes longer time to publish, it doesn't provide
enough opportunities of reading updated material. One more big facter
of increasing inaccessibility of braile is it's high cost. Expensive
equipments, many  employees and long time span makes it too expensive
in comparison of e books or online material.
Though braile culture is abolishing gradually, but still it's immense
use could not be avoided.  Braile books gives you the real taste of
reading which can not be found in talking or e-books.
The benefit of carrying them anywhere is also there.
As  a conclusion, braile is very useful in keeping daily records,
personal informations and more.
Hence, I would like to request all my friends please don't forget our braile.
Hope our efforts in this direction will never let braile into the museum.
Regards, prateek agarwal.
Cell: + 9 1 9 9 2 8 3 4 1 1 9 7.
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