[AI] Hi, I am Sona Shanbhag Introduction about me.

sona prabhakar sona858 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 04:00:13 EDT 2008

Hi friends,
I am Sona Shanbhag a subscriber of accessindia. I am from Maharastra.
I have done my graduation in special english and special B.Ed. for
teaching visually impaired children and basic computer and telephone
operator course.  I am working as a telecaller for the Samarthanam
trust for the disabled Banglore.
My hobbies are-- reading, Talking with friends, Helping needy people,
Sharing sorrows and happiness of others, listening music, singing,
watching movies, making new friends.
My mail id is
sukhisona at gmail.com
Mo.  9449864784
I would like to get more friends.
Please help me if I required any information.
With warm regards.
Your's faithfully,
Sona Shanbhag.

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