[AI] your thoughts on braille

Chandrashekhar - chandrashekhar.hello at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 12:16:01 EDT 2008

hello friends, i am working as a telephone operator, daily i am
reading and writing braille. without braille, i feel totally
illiterate. i can search numbers very quickly in braillebook. braille
script is boon to the blind person without which he or she is like
with best regards. m.chandrashekar

On 6/4/08, Sanjay <ilovecold at gmail.com> wrote:
> No, your assumption is wrong.  If pen and paper can survive amidst all the
> technological growh, why not Braille.  Some blindies and their institutions
> may have negative views about braille.  But ask a deaf-blind person,  he/she
> will explain you the importance of Braille.  I am a  fluent Braille reader
> as well as a computer user   but still I yearn for Braille books which are
> not at all affordable for me.  No audio medium--which is certainly passive
> can be compared with Braille.  Hours of audio and visual reading may strain
> your ears and eyes.  But, hours of Braille reading will never make your
> hands feel strain nor will have any adverse effect on the reader.  Of course
> the above statement may not true in the case of a beginner.  This is a skill
> to be possessed by every  blind child for his/her complete growth.  When I
> was studying in college, I took notes by using news papers. Neither I was in
> a position to afford cassettes, nor readers nor quality Braille papers.
> Braille is the most simplest and affordable tool of a blind person.
> Just compare, something or someone is reading for you throughout your life;
> you are writing something without having the knowledge of letters and their
> shapes;  with the self-dependent Braille script every bit of which can be
> decoded by you.
> This is just a glimpse of our dear glorious Braille which has educated and
> enlightened millions of blind people in the world.  Please do not criticise
> this beautiful art and skill
> Thanks
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