[AI] your thoughts on braille

Sanjay ilovecold at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 11:38:18 EDT 2008

No, your assumption is wrong.  If pen and paper can survive amidst all the 
technological growh, why not Braille.  Some blindies and their institutions 
may have negative views about braille.  But ask a deaf-blind person,  he/she 
will explain you the importance of Braille.  I am a  fluent Braille reader 
as well as a computer user   but still I yearn for Braille books which are 
not at all affordable for me.  No audio medium--which is certainly passive 
can be compared with Braille.  Hours of audio and visual reading may strain 
your ears and eyes.  But, hours of Braille reading will never make your 
hands feel strain nor will have any adverse effect on the reader.  Of course 
the above statement may not true in the case of a beginner.  This is a skill 
to be possessed by every  blind child for his/her complete growth.  When I 
was studying in college, I took notes by using news papers. Neither I was in 
a position to afford cassettes, nor readers nor quality Braille papers. 
Braille is the most simplest and affordable tool of a blind person.
Just compare, something or someone is reading for you throughout your life; 
you are writing something without having the knowledge of letters and their 
shapes;  with the self-dependent Braille script every bit of which can be 
decoded by you.
This is just a glimpse of our dear glorious Braille which has educated and 
enlightened millions of blind people in the world.  Please do not criticise 
this beautiful art and skill


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