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Wed Jun 4 07:11:00 EDT 2008


While many of us are super smart when it comes to downloading software, we’re often at a loss when it comes to fixing a computer. Then begins a long-drawn battle trying to get the service guys to respond to your panic call. Looks like a solution to all that is not too far away.
A new website,  www.itguru.com, will help you solve problems yourself and pretty easily at that. The website also offers a number where you can call them anytime, any day for any of your computer-related problems.
itguru.com has many sections, each referring to a specific category like knowledge, trouble shooting among others.
The Knowledge Centre is further divided into sub-categories like hardware, Internet, virus, spyware, networking, laptop and other such problems. There are questions listed below each sub-category, where you can click on the right questions you need help with. There are also articles listed under these categories that discuss specific problems in detail and are rated by users  as well.
In the News section, you can find information about latest IT-related news, announcements, which you can filter according to your required timeline. The Download Library is further organised into sections, where you can select a category that you are interested in. Additionally, you can also search the
entire library by entering specific keywords in the navigation bar.
Troubleshooter allows you to follow a series of questions to find a specific answer, where you can choose the category that is related to your area of interest.
These three sections are not activated as yet but can be expected to be available pretty soon as the company is in the process of working on the tie-ups with various other facility providers to get regular updated sections.
What next?
itguru.com plans to add three more sections on the website, namely IT Help Desk, a complete helpline provider where people can call on two numbers with their queries. The hotline number is not yet active except for in Mumbai. People from other cities can call another number provided on the website but as of now, they’ll be charged STD rates.
The Yellow Pages section is a great way to get in touch with the right solutions provider.  They are not just providing contact details, but they try and understand the needs of the customer and then suggest the right options, thereby providing the details accordingly.
The third new section will be ITOG, where people can look at their listings of companies catering to all sectors not just IT, where the authenticity of those companies will be mentioned. This is with reference to all products, where they are trying to completely eliminate duplicity, where originality will be guaranteed to the customers,
this is what the website claims. People cannot buy any product from the website but can get the required information on the products and their authenticity.
The next lead
The site has a team of highly effective and trained technicians who come armed with vast knowledge from within the IT industry. Users who need help with their computers and other hardware and IT-related problems can either call or write in and the experts will revert with solutions within a working day’s time. You can also read through their informative overviews to learn more on how to fix specific problems or to perform important procedures.

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