[AI] Now send e-mails through SMS!

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Now send e-mails through SMS!

Posted online: Tuesday , June 03, 2008 at 02:23:43

Bangalore,June 3: One can now send e-mail without GPRS/Internet through SMS. 
The consumer applications were launched by Bangalore-based MyDuniya Networks Private Limited, a player in `beyond voice' applications for the mobile consumers. 

All that a user has to do is send an SMS to 53695 and then can send an e-mail, save and retrieve personal information, send a file to an e-mail address, share and access contact information and can participate in interactive group messaging. 

Currently, these services are operational with Airtel (SMS to 53695) in Karnataka and would be expanded with national coverage shortly, the company's Founder and Chairman, Jagadish Kini, and CEO K Ganapathy Subramanian, said. 

They said the company is in dialogue with other operators for integration in near future. 

Subscribers other than Airtel, need to send SMS to 99801-53695 to avail services. 

The company said it empowers an entry level mobile user with services throgh SMS without the need for GPRS/Internet that spare the trouble of reaching out to a compter. 

"MyDuniya platform brings processing power of the web and reach of the mobile to provide simple and useful applications", Kini said. 

Subramanian noted that SMS is the most widely used non-voice service. "Our services are designed with consumer choice, convenience and usability as focal points", he said. 

MyDuniya is also facilitating enterprises and web portals by providing them a channel to reach out to their mobile consumers. The platform supports two-way interactions and can be leveraged for a variety of customised services, it was stated. 


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