[AI] tally accessibility with jaws

prateek aggarwal prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 08:25:37 EDT 2008

hi listers!
As mr. sameer had said that tally  is accessible with jaws,
I have a few queries. Of course, I would be more then happy if any of
you can answer them.
As you've told, scripts are quite good and it made tally pretty
accessible, is accessibility is enough to work professionally in this
If yes, then what are the basic problem we have to face?
Is there any way to get wrid from them?
As you've stated that still we must have to take assistance of cited
person, is it affordable to take help every time you creat a new
If any of you is successfully working on tally
specially if professionally, please contact me.
Your help regarding this matter will be highly appreciated.
Looking forward for your replies.
With regards,
Prateek agarwal.
Prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
Cooldood_prateek at yahoo.com

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