[AI] Unable to access google and the other services of google some times. Sollution please

Roopakshi Pathania r_akshi_tgk at yahoo.com
Sat May 31 12:52:02 EDT 2008

Hi Amar,

Firstly, to find the specific problem, do the
1. Go to menue > tools > internet options. Press
control + tab to reach the advance tab. 
2. In the treeview, open the browsing topic by
pressing right arrow. Scroll down till you reach the
option "show friendly http messages".
3. Turn this option off by pressing spacebar.

Now the next time you go to any google owned service,
IE will show you what exactly is wrong. 
You can copy the information and search for an answer
using any search engine.

--- amar jain <amarjain2006 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear AI members,
> I am sometimes unable to access all services of
> google like gmail etc,
> directly.
> I have tried following in this regard:
> 1. checked many times by clearing browser cash and
> all,
> 2. scanned my PC with Kaspersky.
> So, no virus and no browser problem.
> Not even able to access with Mozila.
> When I do safe surfing and try to open gmail, it
> opens in basic html.
> Today I tried to change my DNS server address, and
> for now it is opening.
> Unable to understand that what can be the exact
> problem.
> Other websites are opening easily. I have also tried
> after disabling the
> firewall/antivirus. But not working.
> Bsnl persons do not help at all.
> Using windows XP-sp2, IE6.
> Any sollution please.
> Best Regards,
> -- 
> MOBILE:+91 9929 87 9006.
> amarjain at lawyerindia.co.in
> amarjain2006 at yahoo.co.in
> amarjain2006 at gmail.com
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