[AI] tally accessibility with jaws

hitendra rupani_hitendra at yahoo.co.in
Fri May 30 14:15:59 EDT 2008

Hello list members,
Is it possible for a completely blind person to handle Tally for accounting purposes? I want to prepare accounts    for a small enterprise. Will it be possible? There are tally scripts available on Delhi site, how far these scripts are helpful? Which version of Tally is most accessible with JAWS?
Some of our list members are accountants and have bulk of knowledge on this topic. I would request them to please share your opinions on this topic.
If Tally is not at all accessible, are there other accounting package which are accessible with JAWS? I have heard there are some other softwares such as Tata EX and busy bin. How far are these softwares accessible with JAWS?  
I would request our friends, who have knowledge on this topic, please share your email ID, mobile number or Skype ID so that I can directly  get this piece of information from him or her.

Hoping for a quick and positive reply 

Hitendra Rupani

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