[AI] Tips to get rid of pen drives triggered virus

Harish Kotian harish at accessindia.org.in
Thu May 29 07:27:40 EDT 2008

Hello all

Of late, many computer virus are useing pen drives / thumb drives / flash drives to launch viruses.

A few simple steps can stop the viruses to launch itself.

1 Whenever, you plug in one of these devices, keep the shift key down and realease it only after a few seconds after the device is connected. This will stop the autorun being activated.
 2 In My-computer don't double click or hit enter on the drive letter where this device is connected. Doing this can also trigger the autorun. Instead right click on that drive and select the Explore feature. Using the windows-explorer feature, you can select the desired file or open it.

Even if the device is carrying the virus, it won't hurt you if you follow these simple steps. Probably, you can make it your regular routine whenever you need to open files from one of these plugable devices.

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