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Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Dosed by Sajjad Ahmed Syed – M&E Team (from MphasiS Software Services)
What is DRM?
DRM is an acronym from Digital Rights Management, DRM compromise all technologies that help to enforce license agreements between content providers and consumers of digital content. These technologies are intended to protect digital content from being used without proper authorization of the rights holder.
DRM restrictions can be employed on digital media or devices such as Film’s, Audio CD’s, Online Music, Electronic Books, and Documents etc.
Current approaches which leverage secure IT infrastructure and access to a data management do not prevent unauthorized users from viewing content once it is outside the physical protection ring.
DRM prevents unauthorized users from accessing confidential data even when the file is outside a secure content and process management system.
What is its usefulness?
DRM technologies attempt to control use of digital media by preventing access, copying or conversion by end users to other formats.
How does DRM work?
Although DRM does come in many different forms, it usually has four common stages: Packaging, Distribution, License-Serving, and License-Acquisition.
1. Packaging is when DRM encryption keys are built right into the software, the music file, or the movie file.
2. Distribution is when DRM-encrypted files are delivered to the customers. This is usually through web server downloads, CD’s/DVD’s, or via files emailed to the customers.
3. License Serving is where specialized servers authenticate legitimate users through an Internet connection, and allow them to access the DRM files. Simultaneously, license servers lock up the files when illegitimate users try to open or copy the files.
4. License Acquisition is where legitimate customers acquire their encryption keys so they can unlock their files.
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