[AI] Quary::Will supernova not be able to release its Hindi version because the Freedomscientific has purchased lekha?

amar jain amarjain2006 at gmail.com
Wed May 28 14:51:44 EDT 2008

Respected All,
I have one quary.
As I saw in Texture India,
That supernova was there with the Hindi synthesizer.
And as per my knowledge, they were using Lekha as their speech synthesizer.
But since freedomscientific has purchassed Lekha, so now can supernova
release its Hindi version?
Or they can't use Lekha in their Hindi version?
Or freedomscientific has purchassed this right from them?
I don't have any knowledge about it so don't get irritated from my
questions and guide me in this regard.
Best Regards,

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