[AI] Anyone using Jaws for Dos successfully in bios?

Wael wael_syntax at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 05:42:05 EDT 2008

According to them it should run in bios?

I hope they didn't say that! because they can't
support bios features with speech! else they produce a
new type and model of mother boards!

it is even called: jaws for dos, not jaws for bios,
and dos stands for: desk operating system.

remember that: bios stands for: basic input and output

no speech could utter the bios and bios features
simply because it runs by itself from the motherboard
whilst no operating system is loaded.

for your information:
jaws for dos is made to support the desk operating
system in the presence of a hardware synthesizer such
as apollo or decTalk, etc, or a sound card driver for
dos, should your realTec include dos driver?

the command line we use when booting from a cd or a
floppy desk is not called dos, it is just a command
line for the necessary options for your maintenance
operations, such as formatting, or re-partitioning,
but with dos you can access the internet and create a
database using dos based software, as well as you deal
with windows exactly.

feel free to ask more about dos!

--- amar jain <amarjain2006 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Accessindians the great!
> I need a help.
> I installed the Jaws for dos from freedomscientific
> website.
> According to them it should run in bios.
> But in my case it is not running. Why?
> I am using fronttec sound card because my default
> sound card is no longer
> working!
> I have not installed the driver of the realtec sound
> card.
> Is it not working due to my fronttec sound card?
> If anybody has tested it then please let me know.
> Best Regards,
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