[AI] Jaws in Hindi language

Ram Agarwal ramagarwal at airtelmail.in
Tue May 27 22:24:47 EDT 2008

Hello friends,
I am happy to inform you that Freedom Scientific has signed up with Nuance 
for the rights of the hindi speech synthesizer 'LEKHA'  and would soon be 
releasing the Hindi language versionof Jaws.We expect it to be out by July 
Now no other screen reader company would be permitted to use the same.
It is part of their regular program so this version will also be regularly 
updated along with the English edition from time to time.

Now all those visually challenged friends who preferred to use Hindi will be 
able to use computers in Hindi and it will help their accessibility 
tremendously and job opportunities.

For more info you may contact me.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,

Ram Agarwal
Karishma Enterprises

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For India & neighbouring countries

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