[AI] Free file recovery software

suraj suraj.kalady at gmail.com
Tue May 27 12:39:47 EDT 2008

Hello I am Suraj. I am the new member of accessindia.
    I am happy to share the details of a recovery software with you. This software helps you to find your deleted files and you can restore it one by one. Software (Fine recovery)
you can download free from 
First version of fine recovery support only with file system NTFS.
Software devoloper offered that the nest versions of fine recovery will support the file system FAT32.
     How to restore?
1 Install fine recovery
2 Open fine recovery from startmenu and select the drive where your file existed.
3 Then use tab and click the scan button.
4 Now you can see deleted files.
5 Then select the files you want restore.
6 Then click the recover button from file menu and select destination folder.
             Thank you.

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