[AI] Tech Dose of the day: ActiveX Data Objects

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ActiveX Data Objects
Dosed by Keerti A (from MphasiS Software Services)
What is ADO?
ADO stands for ActiveX Data Objects. ADO is used to
access databases from your web pages. ADO is a
Microsoft Technology, Microsoft Active-X component,
automatically installed with Microsoft IIS and it is a
programming interface to access data in a database.
Why Use ADO?
The ADO is use to transfer data to or retrieve data
from an Excel workbook gives you, the developer, and
several advantages over Automation to Excel:
Performance. Microsoft Excel is an out-of-process
ActiveX server. ADO runs in-process, and saves the
overhead of costly out-of-process calls.
Scalability. For Web applications, it is not always
desirable to automate Microsoft Excel. ADO presents
you with a more scalable solution to handle data in a
ADO can be used strictly to transfer raw data to a
workbook. You cannot use ADO to apply formats or
formulas to cells. However, you can transfer data to a
workbook that is pre-formatted and the format is
maintained. If you require "conditional" formatting
after the data is inserted, you can accomplish this
formatting with Automation or with a macro in the
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