[AI] is there any solution of security codes?

prateek aggarwal prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
Tue May 27 07:44:50 EDT 2008

Hii all, this is prateek.
Today what I'am gonna discuss with you all is one of the most hectic,
chaotic, problematic and thorny job for us.
 it's true, that today visually handicap persons are able to do
everything from computers, but still one such area is there in wich we
always feel trouble.
I am talking about security codes.
The concept of security codes is quite popular in internet culture.
Though this is a very good way to secure your account, but as a
visually impaired, I offen find it unfeasible to access.
Of course, there is not any other alternative of it. In fact, it's a
mandatory in most of the places like signing up for account, filling
various forms, etc.
As I already said, however independent we're now, we must need to take
help of cited for typing these security codes.
Though audio support is available on few of the sites like yahoo,
google, etc, but that's also quite complicated. As per the other
websites are cuncent, it's nearly impossible.
Recently,I was trying to make webpage on a webcite, But I could not
actually made because. security code was required there and I had no
cited person with me that time.
That time, I really found my self a real disable. Yes, I had all the
resources for work, but still I could not made for it.
This problem really distressed my heart.

Folks, is there any solution of this dilemma?
Is there any way to overcome this problem?
Any tips, script, software, or suggestion?
If yes, then please tell me. I will be very thankfull of yours.
Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.
You may also  contact me directly on my e-mailID .
Best regards
Prateek agarwal.
prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
cooldood_prateek at yahoo.com

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