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Add those to your list:

for audio files, accessible programs and documentation
and more visit:

for online gaming visit:

old but still valuable website:

--- prateek aggarwal <prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com>

> Hi folks.
> This is prateek agarwal.
> Well, today I'am going to discuss some of the
> websites wich are
> specially made for visually impaired persons.
> It's likely to be possible that you know few of them
> but I'am sure
> you'll find something new too!
> On the other hand, there may be some of our friends
> who've joined this
> list just a while ago, so I hope that information
> will prove highly
> beneficial for them.
> Mobile accessibility

> If you are searching for websites specificly for
> mobile accessibility,
> mobile screen readers, and mobile screen reader
> tips, please have a
> look on following.
> To perchase talks or just get info, please visit
> http://www.beyondsight.com
> or
> http://www.enablemart.com
> to find audio information about using talks, please
> visit to
> http://www.blindcooltech.com
> to join talks mailing list, visit
> http://www.talksusers.com
> other
> apart from above, you would like to visit following
> too. Of course
> they are accessible, useful, and fully packed with
> informations and
> more!
> http://www.snowmanradio.com
> offers some excellent scripts for Jaws which make
> many off-the-shelf
> programs come alive.
> http://www.gwmicro.com
> for information about Window-Eyes 6.1.
> http://www..serotek.com
> It is currently half the cost of the other screen
> readers. Although
> perhaps not as robust as the others, it may satisfy
> the needs of many.
> Friends, there are few more websites for the use of
> blinds, but I
> think they are more common then above ones and you
> might knowing them
> very well. Not only knowing, but I believe that you
> keep visiting ehem
> too. So I'am not discussing those. However, be in
> touch with this
> respective mailing list for more. I'am sure we all
> will get some
> valuable guidance from some very sound persons
> available here.
> Thanks a lot.
> Best regards
> Prateek agarwal
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