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Sir, I am sure that the altra cane will be of immense use. How much
does it cost in indian currency?

On 5/25/08, prateek aggarwal <prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hii all,
> This is prateek.
> As few of my friends wanted to know about ultra cane, here is the
> information for their benefit.
> What is the UltraCane?
> It's an electronic primary aid, modelled on the traditional white
> cane, but with some important differences:
> It uses ultrasonic echoes to find out what objects are in the
> vicinity. This includes objects at head height, like wing mirrors on
> lorries. It gives tactile
> feedback, not audible which could interfere with other hazard
> information. Different buttons indicate the direction of the object..
> The intensity of the
> vibration lets you know how far away the object is.
> This type of feedback accesses the mapping area of your brain,
> enabling you to form an immediate awareness of the layout of your
> surroundings.
> Advanced technology, simple to use
> The UltraCane needs surprisingly little practice. 73 % of users feel
> confident within just a week. That's one reason why the UltraCane has
> won the Tomorrow's
> World Health Innovation and European Electronics Design Application Awards.
> Designed with the Vision Impaired in mind The UltraCane has been six
> years in the making. It was originally nicknamed the Batcane because
> it was inspired
> by the way bats get around in the dark.
> We took the basic idea and spoke to hundreds of vision impaired
> people, incorporating their ideas to make sure that you end up with a
> product you can use
> with ease.
> The user friendly UltraCane
> Our testers told us they needed a primary aid that would make their
> lives easier. Their ideas have resulted in a user friendly product
> that: . detects multiple
> objects in the vicinity . has an overhead sensor, and much greater
> preview than an ordinary white cane
> . is intuitive, just switch it on and go
> . is ergonomic, reducing the risk of RSI
> . builds on existing skills from using an ordinary white cane
> . is rugged, hard wearing and easy to maintain
> . is a carbon graphite collapsible cane, so is lightweight
> . works on two rechargeable AA batteries, so its running costs are low
> . meets the quality standard BSEN ISO9001
> . is attractive and utilises up to date technology.
> All this, from six years of design and development.
> Everyone is different
> The UltraCane can be customised to suit your style and height: You can
> choose from ten different lengths:
> 105cm (41in),
> 110cm (43in),
> 115cm (45in),
> 120cm (47in),
> 125cm (49in),
> 130cm (51in),
> 135cm (53in),
> 140cm (55in),
> 145cm (57in),
> 150cm (59in).
> You can choose your preferred tip, from pencil, roller or large roller.
> You can also switch between "near" or "far" settings, so the UltraCane
> can detect objects 2m or 4m away from you, to suit your needs and the
> environment
> Best regards
> Prateek agarwal
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With wishes, D, Ramkumar PHD in English Pondicherry university-a
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