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pamnani kanchanpamnani at hotmail.com
Sun May 25 14:07:12 EDT 2008

All of us have been facing problems while dealing with Banks at one level or another and it is time that once and for all these problems should be sorted out and the daily complaints  should end.  

Most of you know that I prefer explaining the problem to senior officials and getting things sorted out rather than going to court and wasting time. Now I have found the right contact at the RBI so I need to work quickly and I am starting work on the Memorandum that will be the basis of the problem and the solutions that we propose. Of course I need everyone's help since this is a joint effort. I have 2 very good write ups from Atul Pant and XRCVC. If anyone has any other representations, memoranda or any written complaints please email them to me directly. This will help immensely. 
I have in this mail only listed out the areas where we need proper Directives. If anybody has more then please email.We can deal with the details in the subsequent mails. 
1. Opening of all kinds of accounts in joint or single name
2. Withdrawl of cash
3. Cheque book facility
4. Credit Cards
5. Debit cards
6. ATM
7. On line Banking
8. Signature not tallying
9. Lockers
10. Loans
11. Identification of Coins and Notes 

The other thing though not directly connected is that the Banks cause lots of difficulties while VI sit for their recruitment and promotion exams.    

Any other problem areas please contact me on or off the list. 

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