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Hi Dear Prateek,
Very good keep posting useful info like this.
It seems that you are doing net to much in these days. Good.
Well will droppe you personal mail shortly.
Take Care and stay tuned.

On 5/25/08, prateek aggarwal <prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks.
> This is prateek agarwal.
> Well, today I'am going to discuss some of the websites wich are
> specially made for visually impaired persons.
> It's likely to be possible that you know few of them but I'am sure
> you'll find something new too!
> On the other hand, there may be some of our friends who've joined this
> list just a while ago, so I hope that information will prove highly
> beneficial for them.
> Mobile accessibility…
> If you are searching for websites specificly for mobile accessibility,
> mobile screen readers, and mobile screen reader tips, please have a
> look on following.
> To perchase talks or just get info, please visit
> http://www.beyondsight.com
> or
> http://www.enablemart.com
> to find audio information about using talks, please visit to
> http://www.blindcooltech.com
> to join talks mailing list, visit
> http://www.talksusers.com
> other
> apart from above, you would like to visit following too. Of course
> they are accessible, useful, and fully packed with informations and
> more!
> http://www.snowmanradio.com
> offers some excellent scripts for Jaws which make many off-the-shelf
> programs come alive.
> http://www.gwmicro.com
> for information about Window-Eyes 6.1.
> http://www..serotek.com
> It is currently half the cost of the other screen readers. Although
> perhaps not as robust as the others, it may satisfy the needs of many.
> Friends, there are few more websites for the use of blinds, but I
> think they are more common then above ones and you might knowing them
> very well. Not only knowing, but I believe that you keep visiting ehem
> too. So I'am not discussing those. However, be in touch with this
> respective mailing list for more. I'am sure we all will get some
> valuable guidance from some very sound persons available here.
> Thanks a lot.
> Best regards
> Prateek agarwal
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