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Hii all,
This is prateek.
As few of my friends wanted to know about ultra cane, here is the
information for their benefit.

What is the UltraCane?
It's an electronic primary aid, modelled on the traditional white
cane, but with some important differences:

It uses ultrasonic echoes to find out what objects are in the
vicinity. This includes objects at head height, like wing mirrors on
lorries. It gives tactile
feedback, not audible which could interfere with other hazard
information. Different buttons indicate the direction of the object..
The intensity of the
vibration lets you know how far away the object is.

This type of feedback accesses the mapping area of your brain,
enabling you to form an immediate awareness of the layout of your

Advanced technology, simple to use
The UltraCane needs surprisingly little practice. 73 % of users feel
confident within just a week. That's one reason why the UltraCane has
won the Tomorrow's
World Health Innovation and European Electronics Design Application Awards.

Designed with the Vision Impaired in mind The UltraCane has been six
years in the making. It was originally nicknamed the Batcane because
it was inspired
by the way bats get around in the dark.

We took the basic idea and spoke to hundreds of vision impaired
people, incorporating their ideas to make sure that you end up with a
product you can use
with ease.
The user friendly UltraCane

Our testers told us they needed a primary aid that would make their
lives easier. Their ideas have resulted in a user friendly product
that: . detects multiple
objects in the vicinity . has an overhead sensor, and much greater
preview than an ordinary white cane

. is intuitive, just switch it on and go
. is ergonomic, reducing the risk of RSI
. builds on existing skills from using an ordinary white cane
. is rugged, hard wearing and easy to maintain
. is a carbon graphite collapsible cane, so is lightweight
. works on two rechargeable AA batteries, so its running costs are low
. meets the quality standard BSEN ISO9001
. is attractive and utilises up to date technology.
All this, from six years of design and development.
Everyone is different

The UltraCane can be customised to suit your style and height: You can
choose from ten different lengths:
105cm (41in),
110cm (43in),
115cm (45in),
120cm (47in),
125cm (49in),
130cm (51in),
135cm (53in),
140cm (55in),
145cm (57in),
150cm (59in).
You can choose your preferred tip, from pencil, roller or large roller.

You can also switch between "near" or "far" settings, so the UltraCane
can detect objects 2m or 4m away from you, to suit your needs and the
Best regards
Prateek agarwal
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