[AI] OneTouch external disk that can back up 1000 GB of data

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OneTouch external disk that can back up 1000 GB of data 

Anand Parthasarathy 

Bangalore: With average personal computers coming with hard disk storage of around one terabyte or 1000 GB, you might think, it is something only enterprises
should be interested in. And you would be wrong.

Consider the explosion in digital content available to lay users like you and me: movies running to a couple of GB each; digital cameras and handycams that
allow us to click a thousand pictures or a a few hundred minutes of video on one memory card. 

Where do we store all this stuff? That is why it is good news when the industry's first one-terabyte portable external disk device comes to India.

The Maxtor OneTouch 4 (1TB) comes from disk storage leaders Seagate and clearly they had lay users in mind while designing this starkly simple looking product.
It sits alongside the PC like an oversized 1-kg aluminium paperweight. 

All its sockets which allow you to link to a PC using a USB connector ( or Firewire if you are a Macintosh user) are at the back. 

There are no buttons or switches.

But connect to your computer and the OneTouch software, kicks in to reduce most operations to a click or two, like downloading and backing up various drives
of your PC, or even retaining an exact mirror image of all the files on your PC or laptop using the SafetyDrill Recovery CD provided.

The Hindu received for review, one of the first units to reach India and it is indeed "made for dummies," though, its back-up and data encryption utility
will find many buyers among small businesses.

The asking price for the 1TB model is Rs. 14,000, though you can also buy smaller capacity units starting at Rs. 5,200 for 250 GB. 

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