[AI] sound recording problem with hp's dv 6000 series laptops

dinesh thole dineshthole at gmail.com
Sat May 24 04:02:25 EDT 2008

Hello friends, I am dinesh thole from pune.
I have a hp dv6516tx laptop with windows vista.
from the time I have purchased the laptop, I am facing sound recording problem on the laptop.
the problem is, the recording done on the laptop is not clear 
There is humming noise in the baground, after the recorded file is played.

There is disturbance in recording.

This problem is there, whether I do the recording using the internal mike or a hai quality external mike.

I took the laptop to the service centre and they took the following actions under the guidance of hp's technical support.

1. They restored the laptop to the factory condition by reinstalling windows vista home premium through the recovery disks.

They also installed all the latest bios and the audio drivers, and all other drivers.

they checked the various microphone settings in the realtek high definition audio options in the control panel.

2. they changed the display panel on which the internal mike is placed.

3. they changed the motherboard on which the realtek high definition audio chip is there.

4. they compared the recording with hp dv2000 model, which has the conecsant audio chip.

the recording quality was very good on the dv 2000 model which has the conecsant audio chip as compared with my laptop.

similar problem was there when they checked with the other laptop of the same series which had the realtek chip.

hp's service center gave me a service report saying that it is a common problem with this series laptops.

the senior technical people are saying that this is the limitation of the laptop, and we can not do anything.

according to me, there is a problem with the realtek high definition audio chip which they are providing with the hp dv6000 series laptops.

that is why not only my laptop, but all other laptops in the dv6000 series are also having this problem.

since I need to do audio recording everyday, I am at a disadvantage after buying this laptop.

 I did not know about this problem before buying this laptop. otherwise I would have bought any other model.

hp is not ready to do anything for me in this case even though there is a manufacturing defect in the dv6000 series notebooks.

for trial, I recorded on soni, dell, compack  laptops. but no laptop is having such recording problem and the recording quality was very good on these laptops.  

I want to know if any of you is facing this kind of problem with the hp laptop.

also I would like the advice of the members on this list regarding this matter, and what can I do further.

my laptop is in the warranty period.

also if advisable, I am ready to take this matter to the consumer court, because just like me, I do not want other members to suffer after investing good amount of money on these hp laptops.

so any of you are planning to purchase a hp laptop of the dv 6000 series, and which has the realtek high definition audio chip, and if you are going to use it for recording, then please check the laptop carefully. and if possible, please select other model.

I request all the members to give me your valuable opinion and advice on this matter at the earliest.

thanking you all.

warm regards.

dinesh thole.

email: dineshthole at gmail.com

mobile: 9922942801.

skype id: dinesh.thole

after taking the above actions, still the problem has not being resolved.

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