[AI] new update of jaws released

Syed Imran syed.fame at gmail.com
Sat May 24 14:56:35 EDT 2008

I see they've only addressed some minor bugs, otherwise it's just nothing.

Syed Imran
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> hi list
> the new virtion of jaws jaws9.0.2169 may 2008 has been released
> The details are below:
> Enhancements in JAWS 9.0.2169 (May 2008) The following reported items
> were addressed in this update. All enhancements since the initial
> public beta release
> are included in the update.
> JAWS AVG Anti-Virus 8.0 software no longer fails when you start the
> application while JAWS is running. Resolved an issue where several
> customers reported
> installation error #824 when trying to install JAWS after running some
> a registry cleaner. This problem no longer occurs with versions
> 9.0.2169 and later.
> AOL Instant Messenger The aimhelper.jsh file is now again included
> with JAWS 9.0. This file refers to constants and global variables used
> by the AOL Instant
> Messenger help file script. Microsoft Excel JAWS now retains and reads
> column and row titles that you set in multiple Excel worksheets.
> Before, when you
> returned to the previous worksheet, JAWS would not announce column and
> row titles (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C and CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R). Microsoft Internet
> Explorer
> After selecting the Skip to Content link on the Social Security
> Administration Web page, JAWS now consistently moves to the next link
> when you press TAB.
> When you press ENTER to turn Forms Mode off, it now turns off as the
> Web page refreshes and updates. Microsoft Office JAWS no longer
> repeats the column
> and row information when navigating by line (UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW)
> in a one row, one column table. Microsoft Outlook When moving through
> a menu tree
> list of folders in Outlook, JAWS correctly announces folder names as
> you use the ARROW keys to navigate the list. Earlier, JAWS would say
> scroll down symbol
> or scroll up symbol instead of the folder name. When navigating the
> list of folders in the Move Items dialog box (CTRL+SHIFT+V) and the
> Copy Items dialog
> box (CTRL+SHIFT+Y), JAWS no longer announces blank as you move from
> one folder to another. E-mail messages no longer close when you select
> and copy message
> text using the APPLICATION Key's Copy command. Microsoft PowerPoint
> JAWS correctly reads text that is typed into PowerPoint edit fields
> (for example, the
> File name field in the Open dialog box) when you use the Say Line
> command (INSERT+UP ARROW). Previously, JAWS would announce blank.
> Microsoft Word JAWS
> now announces the Word Count dialog box statistics when you press
> ALT+T, W in Word 2007 or Word 2003 documents. JAWS now recognizes and
> announces when
> text wraps to the next line in any text editor, word processor, or Web
> page when using the Say All command with the read new line character
> function turned
> on. The User Reads Text Containing New Line Character check box is in
> the Text Processing dialog box of the Configuration Manager. When it
> is selected,
> JAWS announces the words new line while reading and moving to the next
> line of text in sentences and paragraphs.
> Thanks,
> srikanth
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