[AI] new update of jaws released

phani srikanth phani625 at gmail.com
Fri May 23 11:42:56 EDT 2008

hi list
the new virtion of jaws jaws9.0.2169 may 2008 has been released

 The details are below:

 Enhancements in JAWS 9.0.2169 (May 2008) The following reported items
were addressed in this update. All enhancements since the initial
public beta release
are included in the update.

 JAWS AVG Anti-Virus 8.0 software no longer fails when you start the
application while JAWS is running. Resolved an issue where several
customers reported
installation error #824 when trying to install JAWS after running some
a registry cleaner. This problem no longer occurs with versions
9.0.2169 and later.
AOL Instant Messenger The aimhelper.jsh file is now again included
with JAWS 9.0. This file refers to constants and global variables used
by the AOL Instant
Messenger help file script. Microsoft Excel JAWS now retains and reads
column and row titles that you set in multiple Excel worksheets.
Before, when you
returned to the previous worksheet, JAWS would not announce column and
row titles (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C and CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R). Microsoft Internet
After selecting the Skip to Content link on the Social Security
Administration Web page, JAWS now consistently moves to the next link
when you press TAB.
When you press ENTER to turn Forms Mode off, it now turns off as the
Web page refreshes and updates. Microsoft Office JAWS no longer
repeats the column
and row information when navigating by line (UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW)
in a one row, one column table. Microsoft Outlook When moving through
a menu tree
list of folders in Outlook, JAWS correctly announces folder names as
you use the ARROW keys to navigate the list. Earlier, JAWS would say
scroll down symbol
or scroll up symbol instead of the folder name. When navigating the
list of folders in the Move Items dialog box (CTRL+SHIFT+V) and the
Copy Items dialog
box (CTRL+SHIFT+Y), JAWS no longer announces blank as you move from
one folder to another. E-mail messages no longer close when you select
and copy message
text using the APPLICATION Key's Copy command. Microsoft PowerPoint
JAWS correctly reads text that is typed into PowerPoint edit fields
(for example, the
File name field in the Open dialog box) when you use the Say Line
command (INSERT+UP ARROW). Previously, JAWS would announce blank.
Microsoft Word JAWS
now announces the Word Count dialog box statistics when you press
ALT+T, W in Word 2007 or Word 2003 documents. JAWS now recognizes and
announces when
text wraps to the next line in any text editor, word processor, or Web
page when using the Say All command with the read new line character
function turned
on. The User Reads Text Containing New Line Character check box is in
the Text Processing dialog box of the Configuration Manager. When it
is selected,
JAWS announces the words new line while reading and moving to the next
line of text in sentences and paragraphs.



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