[AI] Ayurvedic treatment for r p

arun kumar kirankumaris at yahoo.com
Tue May 20 05:53:39 EDT 2008

hai my friend, 
  my wife name chandra supriya who is practicing advocate as asst. govt. Pleader in High Court of AP has gone through this treatment in the year 2004 for 40 days. being an RP patient. she has spent 35,000 RS and had very harsh and painful treatment, but there were no improvement in her vision. she says it is waste of money and time. 

  with regards 
vamshi vamshi <gvamshiai at gmail.com> wrote:
  Hai all

I am a RP patient. My vision is deteriorating. Now I came to know that
an ayurvedic hospital by name "Sridheryeem" near Yernakulam in Kerala
has achieved some success in stopping the deterioration. But the
patients I met have just taken the treatment there and are not in a
position to ensure the development. So, has anyone got any information
about patients who have taken treatment there sometime ago and have
been really benifitted. Thanks in anticipation. Good luck. Bye.

Profound regards
Vamshi. G
gvamshiai at gmail.com

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