[AI] Accessindians deals in media please help me.

amar jain amarjain2006 at gmail.com
Wed May 14 12:52:17 EDT 2008

Respected All,
I need the help from those accessindians who are working with media whether
it is electronic or print media.

I filed a case against a law college of Dehradun.
Because the college did not allow me to give their entrance exam even in
general category.
I had all the emails and other things related to this case.
So as a step, I complainted to PWD comissionar Delhi.
The case is in my favour,
College has accepted its fault,
from this year they will provide 3% reservations to person with disabilities
in all there courses.
I requested to the comissionar for the compensation as well.
But in the hearing I told them to read my first email again and
again, because I mentioned the point of compensation. But she did not say
anything about it.
So now I am writing another mail to them.
I request from the media persons to expose this case.
My objects are:

1. A general awareness should be created so that no college can make
problems in future.
2. I need the compensation because if they will loose something then only
they will understand that we should not deny to any person for the things in
which he/she is very clear and saying right things as per the Law.
Further details can be emailed to the requested person directly.

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