[AI] Device will measure the exact area of the house

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Wed May 14 11:07:28 EDT 2008

May 12, 2008

This device will measure the exact area of the house you want to buy .....ALPITA MASURKAR 

Home seekers will now be able to easily measure the area of the apartment they are planning to purchase. A device called Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI) that measures the area of rooms has become a compulsory trade equipment for developers and estate agents. 

DMIs are gadgets that allow the user to calculate the area of a room in seconds. Brokers will also now be able to crack deals faster without having to argue with sceptical home buyers about the size of flats. 

DMIs were used by a handful of real estate agents and interior designers in Mumbai. However, they have now become common, especially since a cheaper model has come from China. Now even home and commercial property seekers are going for these instruments. "More people are seeking it now," said a broker who did not wish to be named. 

The DMIs use laser, infrared or sound waves to calculate distances and cost anywhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs 5,000. However, the China-made DMIs cost between Rs 1,500 and Rs 3,000. 

   "I started using the DMIs 10 years ago. Onecan place the instrument on a wall and switch it on. The infrared beam bounces back and gives the length of the room. The samecan be done with the adjoining wall to get the breadth." said Sunil Bajaj, a broker from Sion. 

   At a time when real estate prices are at a high and every square foot counts, this instrument will help home seekers check the accurate area of the house they are purchasing. 

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