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Your pen drive, online

Author: Priyadarshini Nandy

Save your files from corruption and spare your
computer from carrying extra burden. Windows SkyDrive
comes to the rescue

To put it simply, Windows SkyDrive is a password
protected, next generation file sharing application.
And the best part is that it’s completely on the web. 

Here, you can store your important files, music,
photographs and other important documents like you
would, neatly on a bookshelf.

“The idea behind SkyDrive is very simple. We wanted to
give next generation users something that will make
their work more accessible and flexible at the same
time. Your Windows SkyDrive is more like your pendrive
that can store anything you want and access it from
wherever you want. And it keeps your computer memory
as free as possible!” says Samir Saraiya, product
head, Windows Live SkyDrive.

Save it up

Documents, files on computers are often subjected to
corruption and CDs can get scratched or broken. So no
matter how much of backup you create something can
always go wrong. With a virtual backup of Windows
SkyDrive, you files are safe and protected as long as
you remember the password. 
To share or not

For those who’ve used Yahoo Briefcase, Flickr, Picasa
and Google Docs, Windows SkyDrive can be very simple
to get used to. 

It’s all of these rolled intoone and with a whopping
space of 5GB, which isn’t too bad to begin with. The
only set back is that you may not be able to load more
than 50MB in one file so no movie sharing for you.

File sharing is of course one of the most important
functions of this tool. 

Here, you can decide the files you want to share and
also enable those you’re sharing your file with to
edit on them. Then again, you can also prevent your
files from being edited even when you share it with

“Given the features, we’d think that those who travel
a lot, can’t always carry documents with them, people
who use computers at public places are the ones who
would require to use SkyDrive the most.

You can’t be saving a copy of your resume on the
desktop of a cybercafe in your neighbourhood. So you
can either mail it to yourself, which can get buried
under mails or save it in your personal space on
SkyDrive,” says Samir.

Getting around

Here’s how you can start using the cool application.
All you need is your Windows Live account (which is
the same as your hotmail user ID and password) to
login and start uploading your files.

Getting around is rather simple because all the
folders have a shortcut on the home page itself.

The personal folders have a default setting of not
sharing their contents. This is of course the security
level that most users are going to want to stick with.

One nice feature is the ‘Public Folders’ section
whereby you can upload anything and make it visible to
the world or just a select few of your contacts.

The default setting of this makes it visible by all.
In fact, all folders give you that precise power to
add/remove anyone from your contact list or just by
email as a reader or viewer of your documents.

It might take you a few initial minutes to get used to
it, but once you’re done, it’s a cakewalk!

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