[AI] Information Required: JAWS with SPSS

Roopakshi Pathania r_akshi_tgk at yahoo.com
Mon May 12 12:04:28 EDT 2008


You can learn about accessibility of SPSS with Jaws by
doing the following:

1. Go to the jaws help menue > jaws help topics.
2. Scrole down til you reach the popular applications
with jaws book. 
3. Press the right arrow and open the book.
4. Press the letter S and find the topic on SPSS.

You can not access the data in individual cells in
SPSS. Its easier to perform functions in SPSS and then
export the data and the result to Excel. 
Also, I would suggest you to try other statistical
packages that are far more accessible with jaws like
Stata, R statistical project (open source) or excel it
You can ask me more details by emailing me privately.


--- Sathiyaprakash Ramdoss <sathiya.ramdoss at gmail.com>

>  Dear Friends,
> If  any one of you are using or  had a chance to use
>  SPSS  software,
> ( Statistical package for Social Sciences) please
> let me know. I am
> severely in need of some  clarification with regard
> to   its
> compatibility  and usability with JAWS. My  personal
> e-mail:
>  Sathiya.ramdoss at mail.utexas.edu.
> Thanking You.
> Sincerely,
>  Your's Sathiya.
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