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> If you're one of those concerned about AVG discontinuing support of 
> version 7.5 at the end of the month, we have some help for you.  It seems 
> that a substantial number of folks have had problems locating the link to 
> download the free version of Avast.  We have temporarily put a copy on 
> Accessible Devices for direct download.  Below you'll find both that link 
> and one that will take you directly to the Avast information page on 
> Accessible Devices.  The download will only be kept there for a few days 
> as it's hard to keep these programs up to date.  The Avast information 
> page has a link to the correct page on the Avast website that will always 
> be available.
> We hope you'll find this helpful,
> Parker, Randy and Terry
> Direct Download
> http://www.accessible-devices.com/setupeng.exe
> Accessible Devices Avast Program Page
> http://www.accessible-devices.com/AvastProgram.html
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