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New Yahoo tool 

Anand Parthasarathy 

Bangalore: Separating wheat from the chaff during Internet searches can be a challenge: major search engines tend to substitute quantity for quality, returning
many thousand results few users have the time to go through.

When it guesses that the user might be looking for more in-depth information, a new Yahoo tool provides, a lot of additional material - mostly visual -
to provide an encyclopaedia-like page of multimedia reference material. It is called Yahoo Glue Pages - and it was substantially developed at the Bangalore
end of Yahoo's R&D labs.

Interestingly, the initial or beta release, of Glue Pages, is limited to India - and to the 
 portal. "This is the first time that Yahoo India is launching a product ahead of the rest of the world," explained Tapan Bhat, Yahoo's U.S.-based senior

While a normal Yahoo search at Yahoo.com, on "Aishwarya Rai" sees a list of conventional links; the same search if done at the 'glued' Yahoo.in site, brings
up videos of her interview on American late night David Letterman Show; a clip of her Miss Universe triumph from You Tube; music tracks from her films;
a portfolio of photos from the Flickr photo sharing site - as well as leads to related terms.

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