[AI] E.mail Client?

Wael wael_syntax at yahoo.com
Sat May 10 18:57:40 EDT 2008

actually there are two ways of accessing your e-mail
service over the internet:

the common and more recent is web mail access.
through this method you visit the website of the
e-mail service and log in with your ID and password to
gain full access to your email features through the
internet page.

the second and older way of accessing your email
features is to install a piece of software, namely, an
email client to connect to the server that has your
email through your ID and password and downloads all
newly unread messages, and enables you to send
messages, filter incoming messages and more.

one brand new upcoming email client is microsoft's
Windows Live Mail, supported by jaws 9.

--- Anubha Bhargava <pinkanu.anubha at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Friends,
> Please do tell me, What is meant by an E.MAIL
> CLIENT?  What does an e.mail client do besides
> receiving  mails & enabling us to read & write mails
> in them offline also?  How does it work? 
> Which is the BEST E.MAIL CLIENT in use these days
> with WINDOWS XP & JAWS 8.0 or JAWS 9?
> What are the other e.mail clients besides Outlook
> Express, MS Outlook, Thunderbird?
> What is the difference between MS Outlook & Outlook
> Express & Thunderbird?
> With many thanks in advance & best regards.  Anubha.
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