[AI] mp3 and K11

Arpit Jain arpit_rke at yahoo.co.in
Fri May 9 15:54:24 EDT 2008



I have the experience of using K8 and if you will be following the same
steps , you will get there.

In brief: 

*       Go to File > Utilities > Create Audio files

*        Here in this dialog box, you will find options such pages to be
converted whether ALL or Selected.

*       > Then comes the format of the output file i.e. mp3, wave etc, you
can select anyone of your choice.

*       I believe that you are done and just press OK to start the
conversion and one thing more that the default location of the file storage
is in General folder, but you can always change it if you want from the same
dialog box before pressing OK.


Hope this helps




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