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Hi Arpit,

Your primary problem will be getting material in accessible format.  You
really can't prepare for this.  You need to take this one step at a time.
The other hurdles that I see is you having to clear competitive exams.
Again, you would need to get preparatory material in accessible format.
Also, you would need to have to engage with the authorities regarding any
accommodations you need.

The courses themselves will not be such an issue.  The hurdle of getting
material in accessible format remains.  You will also have to find a way of
rendering mathematical content effectively.  As long as your professors
co-operate, this is not a significant issue.

You need to be very familiar with the tools and technology you use.  Other
than that, research the materials you need thoroughly.


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Hello! All


I am interested in graduating in BCA and later on carrying in MCA, but a
little perturbed about the hurdles I need to cross in doing so. 

I will be highly obliged if  anyone who himself/herself done graduation in
the same guide me regarding what I need to take care of and what is the
minimum resources which are necessary in doing so.

 which I should be having.


Thankyou in anticipation of your help


Profound regards


Arpit Jain

Mob: +919760016284


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