[AI] getting activation key for magic10

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Dear Hitendra
Since your system is formatted there is no way by which you can recover
that old key. However you can activate new key without contact Karishma
Enterprises or Freedom Scientific.
Please reads all the steeps carefully and follow it.
First use this link to obtain fresh activation key for Freedom
Scientific Products.


Then use this link to reset your number of keys activation.


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Hello list members,
I am using Authorised Magic 10 in a computer which has windows XP
Professional 2002. I have to format this system because it is infected
by virus. Could anybody in the list, help me in getting the activation
key which I got from Freedom Scientific distributor in India. I am
trying to retrieve the activation key from the system, but so far i am
unable to do so.
First I am  trying to retrieve activation key for magic 10 and if I do
not succeed in getting it, then I can contact Karishma Enterprises for
fresh activation key.
Please help me in resolving the above mentioned problem.

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thing makes it happen.

Hitendra Rupani
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