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Hello Vedprakash

The posting was informative, however, if only you had taken some trouble of copying the relevant portion and pasting it in the mail instead of simply forwarding it. It had tonnes of email id's one had to scroll through.

Besides, you would haved saved so many people from fishing attack as the id's are now vulnerable for theft.

All posting to the Accessindia list are publickly archieved for anyone to access on the internet.

Therefore, it is necessary for each one to be responsible for postings on the list.

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Cc: Inder Meel 
Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2008 7:02 PM
Subject: placement campaign # Prolific Systems @ SBCET

Date of Event : 8-May-2008
Reporting Time : 9:30AM
Venue : Sri Balaji College of Engineering & Technology
Offer : as mentioned below

Dear Students, 


Today almost all new electronic component designs use embedded technologies. Telecom equipment manufacturers, consumer electronic companies, defence,  industrial electronics product manufacturers,  industrial automation equipment manufacturers and software companies are the major users of skilled professionals in embedded technology. Careers in the field of Embedded systems are much more rewarding and provide faster career growth than those in the IT sector. 



It is to inform that Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai a reputed organisation having presence in top 22 cities in India  is visiting Sri Balaji College of Engg. & Technology for conducting a placement campaign for offering career in high growth embedded domain on May 7, 2008 at 12:00 pm onwards.


Eligible branch and batch:

 BE (E C, EE, CS, I&C) of 2008 batch.

Open to All colleges

No % Required


The Offer from Prolific as follows:


 "Prolific will select the students who qualify in the interview and they will have to join our self financed training programme for three months in "Certified Embedded System Developer". After the competition of the training program, the students will be placed as Design Engineer, Embedded Specialist, R & D Engineer in reputed companies engaged in the field of Embedded Systems Design.  The student will have to pay Rs. 33,000/- before starting the training program. The selected candidates needs to deposit registration fee of Rs. 2000/- on the same day. 


Short listed candidates will be trained in Mumbai with free shared accommodation facility provided by the Company.  The students will have to bear the cost of food and local conveyance. Embedded System kit worth Rs. 10,000/- will be provided to selected candidate at free of cost.


Prolific does not give any written placement guarantee, but is committed to give job to each participant for getting him placement who does our CAE (Certified Automation Engineer) or CESD (Certified Embedded System Developer) training program. Prolific has 22 placement officers and tie-up with ore than 300 corporate clients for placement. Our placement track record is 100 %.  We work with the participants till the day they get job.


The 100 % placement oriented training program will cover 

Ø      Micro-controllers

Ø      Embedded C

Ø      RTOS

Ø      Vx Works

Ø      I2C

Ø      ARM 

Ø      Robotics


With intensive hands on practical experience on state of the art technologies along with personality development modules, Prolific helps students from both rural and urban areas to get jobs in the above mentioned industrial sectors. 


We request you to take this opportunity in developing career in Embedded Systems


Please feel free to contact us for any query.


With Regards,


(Inder Meel)
TPO, Sri Balaji College of Engineering & Technology,
Benad Road, Jaipur-302013
Web: http://sbss.ac.in
Mobile: +91-9413340775
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