[AI] mp3 files in K10

Arpit Jain arpit_rke at yahoo.co.in
Tue May 6 02:35:50 EDT 2008

Hello! Anjali


I myself have been using K11 and never faced the problem as you report.

I am listing down the steps which I require to create an audio file in mp3:

1. Select 'Create audio files' from 'Utilities' in File menu.

2. Select the number of pages to be processed in the dialog box (whether All
or selected).

3. Select the output format of the audio file (whether mp3, wave etc).

4. Select the destination of that audio file (by default it goes in the
General folder of Kurzweil in My Documents).

5. Press 'Ok' and you will hear that the Job is in cue.

6. You can check the status of the file conversion in the 'Audio Spooler
Monitor' Located in the Utilities in the File menu only.

7. Later, you can go in the General folder to check your file and can copy
it anywhere you want.


Hope this helps.







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