[AI] Re low cost laptop

HIMANSHU SOMPURA edu_navchetan at yahoo.com
Tue May 6 02:29:56 EDT 2008

    Hi friends,
Yes, HCL costs Rs. 16000 but the configurations are very low.
here is the difference bitween the 2 products.
                                        HCL                                    ACI
*processer     seleron 900 MHz     seleron core 2 1.86 GHz
*Ram                    512 MB                                    512MB
*hard disc            30 GB                                        80 GB
*                            No any drive      DVD-Writer(dual leyar)                                                    *Screen                      7.00       Wide           15.4       Wide
Himanshu sompura
e mail; edu_navchetan at yahoo.com & edunavchetan at gmail.com    skype himanshusompura

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